Applying Microcement

With its 2-3 mm of thickness, allow the floorings renovation without the need to shorten the doors.
Its fast application is one of the most significant Micro-topping benefits because you can walk on the next day after the end of the work.
Because of its thinness and high adherence, Micro-topping does not crack under any circumstances by itself. The only possible cracks may appear only if the base is subject to some settling movement or to a significant expansion.

It can be applied on the stairs but is better to apply a metal corner which can be internal, embedded in the base mortar or external as a decorative element.

Its application on wood floorings is strongly discouraged because this kind of base does not have a sufficient rigidity and have a large quantity of moving joints, which will result in the appearance of cracks. In these cases you must remove the existing pavement before placing the Micro-topping.

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