How durable is the Microcement?

We have applied our Microcement in public places like restaurants, shops, hotels, on floors and bathroom hotels We like to compare the Microcement to real wood floors. The Microcement is protected in a similar way in most cases, by sealing and covering it with Polyurethane sealers for example. Next day transit is possible, nevertheless the cement hardens and cures over time, the […]

Micro Topping

Micro-topping is perfect for someone who is looking for a continuous  and seamless surface, which is natural and innovative and has the ability to make any environment unique. It’s ideal in a modern and minimal setting, you can also enrich a classic or rustic house with refined style. Many artistic designs and effects can be achieved using different application techniques, colours or acid […]


Applying Microcement

With its 2-3 mm of thickness, allow the floorings renovation without the need to shorten the doors. Its fast application is one of the most significant Micro-topping benefits because you can walk on the next day after the end of the work. Because of its thinness and high adherence, Micro-topping does not crack under any circumstances by itself. The only possible cracks […]


What Is Microcement?

The Microcement is a cement based coating for floors and walls – 2-3 mm thick with an high abrasion resistance. Due to its excellent bonding power MICROCEMENT can be applied to almost any kind of stable surface, including ceramics. thanks to its characteristics it can be applied to existing concrete flooring with a fast surface renewal, saving time and money. Unlike most […]