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24th July 2020
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Why Is Everyone Talking About Microcement Kitchen?

Architecture is about creating marvellous, stunning structures, and architectural concrete is a successful way to replace tiles and other installations. You may wonder how it is possible if you are thinking of giving a new, fresh look to your kitchen. Microcement kitchen is the material to renovate and modernize the whole cooking setup.

Begin by replacing the countertop; it will match the modern, minimal requirements you have in mind. This building, decorating material, comes in a wide range of colors and effects if you are thinking of exploring some options.

On the official website, surf through the microcement kitchen option, and you will see the whole products we offer, such as Vino Tinto, Vino Blanco, and Titanium.

In our previous articles, we present the unmatched properties of this product, such as elasticity and flexibility, durable and robust, and fire-retardant. What’s more to find out is its continuous joint-free, excellent resistance, UV-resistant, and stain repellant properties.

Back to the question, why is everyone talking about the microcement kitchen? What does it offer other than great coating and excellent stability? Apart from the countertop, where people could use this material to increase the appearance of their kitchen?

We understand you have questions, and a lot of them have been answered in our articles. However, there is always more to know about the microcement kitchen. Would not you agree on the thought that you are here because someone told you or you see it somewhere? Don’t wait for cheap and faulty building materials to make your space a hanging garden, and the perfection lies here.

Indeed, microcement is suitable for furniture, radiant floor, and capable of installation indoor and outdoor. It provides a seamless and cohesive look to the kitchen. Also, it is the ideal cement for DIY skills because it tends to harden fast, and it comes with a set of application guidelines. In case you stuck making the perfect application, call us, and we will help you out.

Now, the two line of microcement kitchen you can right-away get:


We call it the simplicity cement. This range opens the smooth workability material line. You need the countertop better, just get it and apply it. The engineered mixture of cement and resins will offer an easy application.


The kitchen is a space where heat, stains, and other damaging elements reside. With this line, you get the industrial strength. It possesses the ability to withstand and resist. The exceptional hardness makes it the perfect material for kitchen floors and walls.


Further, people, architects, and workers can’t stop loving the microcement kitchen because it is available as the value for money. The coating has the cost and weight of real concrete. What’s more, people need it. The architects get the chance to show their unique designs in real with this material.


The material replaces the tiles and even expensive building costs, so to say. The workers use it as the ideal home-improvement material. So, if you are looking for microcement on affordable rates and undeniable range, Deco Cemento has all you require to renovate your kitchen in minimum time.

Microcement Kitchen
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