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25th July 2020

Microcement Flooring London

Microcement Flooring London Will Save You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How! Everyone desires to save money while renovating, building, and constructing, is not it? In this […]
25th July 2020

Microcement Kitchen

Why Is Everyone Talking About Microcement Kitchen? Architecture is about creating marvellous, stunning structures, and architectural concrete is a successful way to replace tiles and other […]
24th July 2020

Microcement Shower London

The shower or the bathroom area of your home is an important part that you should get renovated every once in a while. This can not […]
17th October 2019
stucco coating London

What is Microcement Stucco Coating Services in London?

Four Exclusive Microcements Stucco Coating Ideal for Your Home Five ingredients that define the miraculous structure of microcement are composing coating, water-based resins, mineral pigments, decorative application, […]
17th October 2019

Microcement Shower

Microcement is the trending bathroom material, a blend of high-performance cement, compounds, and natural color pigments. A micro-coated cement that is adaptable to all surfaces, and […]
17th October 2019

Microcement Surface bathrooms

Microcement Surface for bathrooms Microcement has a waterproof property on the visible surface that makes it the better choice for bathrooms. It keeps the surface of […]
15th May 2019

Deco Cemento – Leading Specialists in Polished Concrete & Plaster Interiors – UK

Congratulations Deco Cemento! Hi Honey   Following on from your recent nomination acceptance in the fifth annual Architecture Awards, our dedicated research and submissions stage has […]
28th November 2018
Polished Plaster

What is Polished Plaster Ceiling

11th September 2018

What is Microcment and why use it?

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