What is Microcement Stucco Coating Services in London?

Microcement Shower room by Deco Cemento London
Microcement Shower
17th October 2019
Microcement Shower room by Deco Cemento London
Microcement Shower London
24th July 2020

Four Exclusive Microcements Stucco Coating Ideal for Your Home

Five ingredients that define the miraculous structure of microcement are composing coating, water-based resins, mineral pigments, decorative application, and chemical additives. Different companies have a different composition of this cement, and most of them know the best blend of microcement.

Choose any surface, and it will work ideally for floors, ceilings, and walls, be it interior or exterior. It features easy cleaning and low maintenance after application.

Interestingly, it has no limitations to the imagination. Architects unleash their creativity on a structure through it that everyone is talking about that finishing. Choose different textures, colours, finishes such as matte, satin, or gloss, and get a bedazzling job.

At Deco Cemento, its properties vary from elasticity and flexibility, any shape, durable and robust, fire-retardant; all surface-friendly, continuous joint-free, resistance properties, and to stain repellant.

The cement does not stop here over suitability. It does not matter you want to apply it to furniture, radiant floor, or indoor-outdoor. It will never come short of anything.

The four exclusive microcement are:


Known for its simplicity, this works for the simplest of jobs anywhere where the art of simplicity is seeking its attention. This line proposes jobs in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. One could create sleek and straightforward textures without repeated layers of this cement.


Known for its strength, it could withstand and resist almost anything. It has powerful hardness ideal for floors and walls exposed harshly to everyday life. Ideal for rooftops, showers, kitchen sinks and tables. One could jump over the surface after its application and drying time.


Known for its safety, it gives stain-resistance even from a glass of wine. It possesses strength, lightweight, and aesthetic-marbling effect as well. Most of the time, it happens in homes that children mess with their food or colours, and parents get angry. Well, this will remove the anger factor.


Known for pools, it’s carefully engineered for aquatic habitat without compromising its essence of strength and beauty. In the last few years, complaints about leakage and damaging of pools might have decreased; the reason is the application cement.

If you are finding our microcement’s advantages, well, these are—resistance and durable if applied accurately; seamless and cohesive look on any surface; cost-effective and weight-friendly; combined various textures; and create your own look for the application.

Bonus: Application Steps

Step I: Prepare the surface by cleaning it off any dust, grease, and water. Then, apply two thin layers of microbase.

Step II: After the base, apply two layers of microcement coating. Combine it with desired colour, texture, and resins. Let it dry for some time.

Step III: To protect the finish, apply two coats of primer and sealer. After the drying process, the surface is ready to use.


Microcement is the ideal, decorative coating for varying surfaces at home. It has high adhesion and covers tile, plasterboard, plaster, terrazzo and stoneware. Further, it does not requires specific tools for application on any surface. At Deco Cemento, order yourself this cement and redecorate your surfaces.

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