Microcement Shower

Microcement Shower room by Deco Cemento London
Microcement Surface bathrooms
17th October 2019
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What is Microcement Stucco Coating Services in London?
17th October 2019
Microcement Shower room by Deco Cemento London

Microcement is the trending bathroom material, a blend of high-performance cement, compounds, and natural color pigments. A micro-coated cement that is adaptable to all surfaces, and different temperatures.

At Deco Cemento, we use Microcement for shower construction and renovation. Our architects, interior designers, and workers select this premium blend of cement to create masterpieces.

We believe that professionals and DIY designers are creating and re-designing with Microcement for showers for reasons as it sticks to the existing material.

Reasons for Popularity

  • Reduces Refurbishment Costs

To apply it, it is not in need to move out the existing material. This way, it helps to reduce the refurbishment costs and application time.

  • Surface Without Joints

Apply it to get a seamless surface without joints. It is better for cleaning and spacing for showers. There is no need to worry about leakage.

  • High Adhesion Capacity

After application, it reduces the risk of slips and falls for everyone. It has micro sticking chemicals that stick to any surface in the shower.

  • Minimum Thickness

It has a minimum thickness of 2 mm that gives no requirement to level the doors and other possibilities of the material. Apply it and enjoy finishing and decoration.

Deco Cemento will refurbish or create from scratch on Microcement for shower or washbasin without fear of moisture deteriorating the coating. For the bathroom, we apply it on tiles and uncoated walls to change the looks of everything present in a shower.

How will your shower look like?

  • More Natural Finish

Your shower will speak the language of high-performance cement and rare look of classic bathroom walls.

  • Quicker Completion

The application process depends on the size of the shower, and it is quick to dry formulated to give excellent coating.

  • High Resistance

The cement base provides resistance from heat and UV rays to protect you from micro-burn.

If you doubt on the use of micro-cement for a shower or any other projects for micro coating, contact us.

Microcement Shower
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Microcement Shower
Deco Cemento is following latest microcement trend for microcement showers that provide strength, ease of application, and hygiene.
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