Microcement Surface bathrooms

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15th May 2019
Microcement Shower room by Deco Cemento London
Microcement Shower
17th October 2019
Microcement Surface for bathrooms

Microcement has a waterproof property on the visible surface that makes it the better choice for bathrooms. It keeps the surface of the sink and eating place clean and dry.

The usual application thickness is 2-3 mm of the blend that covers almost any kind of stable surface and provides high corrosion resistance.

Deco Cemento re-creates traditional polished concrete with Microcement surface for the bathroom to offer newly extended bathroom setting. We do the countertop as a great contemporary solution for the domestic bathroom. Its application is the coating of seamless and customizable of colors and different effects.

Revive your bathroom on resistance to heat, stains, oil, and water penetration, and it does not produce harmful air toxins.

Reasons to Use Microcement Bathroom

  • Durable and Waterproof

The main benefit of this material is that it is durable and waterproof and in a bathroom, these benefits work wonders.

  • Anti-Scratch and Stain

The traditional materials leave cleaning stains and scratches, not this material. Install it and forget it for years.

  • Easy Maintenance

Get the cleaning wax, apply it, and renew the protection of the material. You do not have to clean it as conventional material installation.

At Deco Cement, we supply the bulk of Microcement bathroom worldwide and offer installation, decoration, and design services. Our designers or redecorators have completed hundreds of bathroom projects with Mircocement bathroom.

Outstanding Properties

  • Fit Any Shape

You can expect any shape it to take. It will comply with your wishes.

  • Fire-retardant

Bathrooms floors are prone to fire. With this material, you are safe.

  • Continuous Joint-free

In its application, there are no joints like tiles and traditional cement coating.

  • UV-resistant

This material is ideal for outer or open bathrooms. It does not fade in the sun’s rays.

We understand that quality work costs more, and it is a common notion, but we assure you that this material once on your bathroom floor will not crack or chip like the cheaper blends. Moreover, it will feel less expensive for the long-run. If you do not like the final surface, you can re-apply it after treating it.

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