What is Polished Plaster Ceiling

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11th September 2018
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15th May 2019
Polished Plaster
What is Polished Plaster

Polished plaster is simply beautiful floor and wall covering

Wall and ceiling finishing that has the wow factor. Elegant homes, retail stores, hospitality and so much more, have been using polished plaster for centuries showcasing stunning effects that have left people astounded.

With technology, the process for Polished Plaster has vastly improved and has allowed decorators, interior designers, commercial project managers, and homeowners to go that bit further with stunning walls and ceiling coverings. This has opened the market for all to use this beautiful method for many different reasons.

One of the main reasons is value for money; Polished Plaster actually gets stronger as it gets older meaning it is an excellent investment when compared with other finishes.

The Process

The lime based product made from slaked lime and marble dust chips, is mixed with water to create a lime plaster which can be traced back to the Egyptians. When the limestone is exposed to carbon monoxide in the air; the mixture turns back to limestone. So really this is extremely magical.

The feel of polished plaster is very thin and very translucent in depth and appearance which not only makes it much easier to use but much easier to maintain than ordinary Micorcement and Tadelakt where it is more difficult and costly to fix blemishes meaning the re-plastering of an entire wall is often necessary.

The Cost

Polished Plaster from Deco Cemento offers excellent value for money!

Unlike paint that needs to be re-applied every few years. Using polished plaster has a life long finish and as it’s very strong and is unlikely to crack. Furthermore, it has many properties including being mould resistant.

Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge; we offer a FREE no obligation consultation and quotation service; we will help you get the right look and feel for your project.withonsultation to fitting, our aim is to provide you with the best possible service.

Beautiful look and finish

You may ask yourself on reasons to be convinced on opting for polished plaster, well carry on reading and you will see all the reasons you need to choose polished or Venetian plaster for your projects.

OThe perfect look and feel for our work is simply paramount. It starts with a simple chat, and then it's our role to produce the finest finishes we can provide for your walls and ceilings. That's our promise to you - Honey Rezaie (Director)

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Regardless of the type of interior you have, polished plaster is so versatile it will give your project a modern and fresh look creating unique finishes catered to your exact needs and wants.


Polished Plaster is tough and does not need to be handled with care if the pre preparation is carried out correctly. Deco Cemento are specialists with pre-preparation so we have literally got you covered!

The process of maintenance is easy, as you will not need to spend time maintaining and cleaning it. The nature of the lime stones allows easy cleaning and quick drying times which is ideal for hotels and restaurants.


You may ask about the durability of the product, and I will reply that it is known for its hardness and resistance related to shrinkage.

Eco friendly

As architects and interior designers increasingly opt for eco-friendly products, our product and service will take you closer to your goals as the ingredients inside the product do not have any toxins and contain no VOC’s.

Perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms

One of the perfect uses for this product is that the walls and ceilings are entirely seamless and waterproof. In a nutshell you can use this material in any area, perfect for bathrooms, walk-in showers or wet rooms.

Once applied the area becomes water resistant, has the added benefit of being mould resistant and has no need for grouting or sealants. Deco Cemento provides you with a beautiful seamless finish that becomes a talking point for all that admire the finished job!

There are over 100 colours you can choose from, however, the most popular colours seem to be the earthy tones, such as white, beige, grey, brown and black. Most people like using the product because of its natural appearance and feeling of lightness and stillness in space.

Creative Uses

Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how creative they can be with our polished plaster finishes for walls or ceilings. Showcasing stunning looks within a wide range of diverse spaces.

Stylish look and feel are paramount to stand out in this modern era, offices spaces, apartments, houses and many commercial environments can massively benefit from our work.

Take a couple of examples with our recent work with Caffe Concerto and Leon, our team went in and created a unique interior space for their customers. With our other ongoing projects, we are supporting many different types of commercial and residential installations.

Different Types of Polished Plaster

With 5 different types of styles available to you, deciding which type to use becomes a hard choice. Our team at Deco Cemento are available to guide you throughout the process from start to finish to ensure you achieve the desired outcome – Dare we say it even exceed expectations!

Lucidato: Lucidato

is often said to be the classic polished plasters of all time. If you are looking for a glossy and glassy shine, this is the one for you. Polished Plaster Stone: This is a type of unique polished plaster that gives out a smooth polished finish and provides a less shiny finish to Lucidato.

Marmorino Pitted

The Marmorino Pitted is a type of classic marmorino polished plaster finish that is ideal for achieving the stone look and is perfect achieving a variance in textures look and feel.

Marmorino Stucco

fine grained marmorino polished plaster that is most ideal for inducing a fine-grained and smooth polished finish on walls as well as ceilings.

Marmorino Classic

The Marmorino Classic polished plaster is a traditional plaster that has been in use since the olden times. This polished plaster can easily be applied to both interior as well as exterior surfaces and provides a lustrous and smooth finish that has a lot of depth.

The opportunities are almost limitless and far too numerous to mention in one article.

For more information or a free consultation UK wide please contact Honey Rezaie at Deco Cemento.

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