What is Microcement

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10th August 2018
10th August 2018
What is Microcement?

It provides beautiful floor and wall coverings

Microcement is a cement based coating for floors and walls – 2-3 mm thick with an high abrasion resistance. Due to its excellent bonding power, MICROCEMENT can be applied to almost any kind of stable surface, including ceramics. thanks to its characteristics it can be applied to existing concrete flooring with a fast surface renewal, saving time and money.

Unlike most floorings and vertical coatings solutions, MICROCEMENT is completely customizable. This system as a wide range of colours as well as the possibility to create the desired pattern. The mortar can be coloured with Colour top to get cloudy and spatula effects or treated as with Acid Stain and Dye Colour products.

The crafty character of the microcement application process means that every job is unique. As happens with the other materials such as marble or wood, the microcement floorings are always unique.

Micro-topping (product use to realize the microcement) is applied crafty, by hand and with a trowel.

It doesn't require any heavy equipment to be applied, is suitable to be used in any situation.

The Micro-topping is waterproof on the visible surface, which makes it suitable in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower box, or even as coatings for bathtubs. it is not, however, a sealing product, so it is necessary that the sub base is perfectly dry and that moisture does not appear in the future.

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