What is Microcment and why use it?

10th August 2018
Polished Plaster
What is Polished Plaster Ceiling
28th November 2018

Microcement is a beautiful material that creates a stunning wall and floor covering.

It is a cement based product with resin to add durability. some might know this product as micro concrete or micro topping.

Micro-cement, currently a global trending decorative material, is a micro-coating composed of high-performance cement, mixed with polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural colour pigments.

Our microcement adheres to almost all surfaces. For this reason, it is commonly used to cover concrete, mortar, tile, plaster, cement, metal, stoneware, plasterboard or plastic, just to name a few materials. Its great finish, texture and versatility is why it has become one of the preferred materials for interior designers and architects around the world.

5 reasons to choose microcement?

  1. It is resistant and durable. if applied correctly
  2. Provides a seamless and cohesive look to space
  3. It can transfer any space into a beautiful seamless look with unique finishes
  4. Value for money, as you can create a concrete look at a fraction of the cost and weight
  5. You can combine textures and colours to create the look you want.

What maintenance does Microcement require?

This material is very easy to maintain since it cannot be stained if the sealing and waterproofing process has been carried out correctly. However, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance in order to guarantee greater durability and better amortization of its aesthetic properties.

Simply cleaning the surface with water and neutral soap is enough, but if the Microcement is placed on the floor the key is to renew the protective layer of the material by applying self-polished waxes diluted in water.

What is the difference between micro-cement and polished concrete?

While Microcement is a thin coating (approximately 2 and 3 millimetres), polished concrete requires a thickness of between 5 and 7 centimetres. This means that the structural weight of Microcement is significant lower than that of the polished concrete.

In addition, polished concrete requires expansion joints, a feature that Microcement does not share. Also, Microcement can be placed both vertically and horizontally without a problem.

Although the application of micro-cement started a little over a decade ago, in recent years its use has spread widely throughout the world. This is why we believe that Microcement is the best choice for those who need to do any kind of renovation work.

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